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Sacrifice ( Udhiya / QURBAN ) 1434/2013
Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

InshaAllah this year we are arranging for Eid-ul-Adha sacrifice in the following countries:
Pakistan/Afghanistan ( Earthquake in Balochistan area and many people are living in harsh condition in other areas )
Syria (Many people are living in harsh conditions )
Sudan ( Flood and Many people are living in harsh conditions)
Bangladesh (Many people are living in harsh conditions )
Japan (New Muslims, specially children born in Japan have to be shown our religious rituals and customs as Muslims. Sacrifice being one of important rituals, it can only be shown on Eid ul Adha. Also there Are many New Muslims who can not afford meat. They can share with those who make sacrifice.)

Pakistan / Afganistan :
1 Share in Cow – 8,500
1 Goat – 16,000.
1 share in Cow - 10,000
1 Sheep- 23,000
1 Sheep : 18,000.
1 Share in Cow: 12,000.
1 Sheep : 15,000.
1 Share in a cow- Yen 30,000 (in Japan) cost include dispatch of meat to each share holder.

To request sacrifice, please bank transfer the amount to Japan Islamic Trust account below, then send us a fax or e-mail (with scan of bank transfer receipt) your name, contact details, and copy of the bank transfer receipt.
The deadline for accepting sacrifice requests will be 10th October , 2013 for Japan and 11th October , 2013 for other countries.

Account : Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Otsuka Branch Futsu 1363828 Japan Islamic Trust
Jazakumullah Khierun
Japan Islamic Trust@Masjid Otsuka
3-42-7 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo zip 170-0005
Fax : 03-5950-6310@ Tel: 03-3971-5671 E-mail : info@islam.or.jp
HP: www.islam.or.jp

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