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ICOJ Relief teams continue visiting Tsunami hit areas
3rd ICOJ relief mission visited Hamanasu Hinanjo in Fukushima
Islamic Circle of Japan continues to lend helping hand to the victims of M9 Great Eastern Earthquake which shook Miyagi Ken and nearby northern areas Japan on March 11,2011.As the reports of various teams are coming in on daily basis a team of workers of ICOJ visited Hamanasu shelter house in Fukushima Ken.The Relief team was carrying ingreidents for meals & various essential items including Rice,noodles,disposable crockery(glasses,cups,plates,bowels etc),undergarmentsundershirts,underware),jackets,socks,stoves,candles,drawing books for kids,toys,choclates,chips,biscuits for kids,Noori,Onigiri of various types, Mineral water,green tea,tooth brushes,tooth pastes,towels,tissues,wet tissues,miso soup,hot plates,pots,utensils,Furi Kake,Tomoto ketchup,Tuna fish cans,Margo fish cans,pampers,medicine etc for evacuees .Like during other relief missions workers prepared meals for 650 inhabitants of the shelter house which included 300 men,300 women & 50 children.Evacuees in the camp were served Nan & curry in dinner .The team stayed in the camp from Duhar(noon prayers time) till Fajar(early moring next day) in the camp.Incidently ex Prime minister of Japan Abe San visted the camp while ICOJ relief mission was camping in the Hamanasu Shelter house.On request of the team Abe San distributed the gifts,toys ,note books among the children of the camp which the relief team was carrying along with them for the distribution among the children in the shelter house.
Relief team distributing relief goods at shelter house

Relief team 4 delivers relief goods in Ishinomaki,A brief report.

As the relief cell of Islamic Circle of Japan is continously engaged in relief work since the M9 ,Great Eastern earthquake hit Japan`s north east .So far 8 teams have visted various shelter houses and delivered essential goods besides serving hot meals to evacuees,prepared by ICOJ volunters in the evacuation centers .

On March 27,a team of 12 volunters traveled to Ishinomaki city.The team prepared meals in the parking area of Army Headquarters and served hot curry and Nan to the inhabitants there.The area is without water ,electricity ,gas and other essential goods.It was snowing while the during the teams visit to the area.

As the relief work is in progress more reports will follow.

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